Withering Scorn is new outfit, featuring Henning Basse on vocals, Glen Dover (g), Joe Dibiase (b) and Shawn Dover on drums. The band was founded in 2020 and is the brainchild of Dover brothers.

The four-piece band focusses on heavy metal without frills and gimmicks. The power of the riff is what drives the sound of Withering Scorn, reflected by eight songs on their debut album ‘Prophets of Demise’.

With musical finesse the album, the band delivers a rock-solid metal album and songs like ‘Dark Reflection’ have some Megadeth references, hidden here and there. With ‘Pick Up the Pieces’ the album also contains music that has roots in the NWoBHM. Especially the screaming parts of Basse remind of The Metal God and some ‘Painkiller’ moments can’t be denied. Still there are enough twists embedded, giving the song an own identity.

Fast and furious, that is ‘Dethroned’ and it is the thundering ‘Never Again’ that allows for massive headbanging.

Beginning and ending of the album features epic songs with a running time beyond the six-minute mark. Especially the closing track ‘Eternal Screams’ shows the width of Withering Scorn’s musical range. The start is kept acoustic and spreads a sinister vibe. Slowly the track builds up and morphs into a moderately paced metal stampede with impact before the acoustic scenery from the beginning returns.

Withering Scorn deliver a well-crafted debut album that mirrors the fascination of heavy metal. Equipped with a powerful production the debut album might not provide a musical revolution. It is the musical savvy of the involved musicians and the passion for metal that drives this longplayer.